By applying the methods of asset management, the organisation is able to further increase the value of their physical assets.


The concept evaluates the strategic goals of the company, and based on these, optimizes decision making and processes in regards to the life cycle of assets. This is done in regards to cost, opportunities, and risk within a given time frame, which can be both short or long term.

With active use of asset management, the organisation is able to proactively make the best decisions of when to undergo maintenance, when to buy new assets, and see these actions in relation to all factors in the decision-making process.

The optimal management of physical assets over the full life cycle, with the goal of reaching the organisational goals in a sustainable manner.
EFNMS Asset Management Commitee

With asset management, the organisation is presented with a common language and a streamlined coordination regarding your physical assets, from management level to the individual technician.

At Reliasset® we help the organisation through the full asset management process, across all organisational levels. We create a well-documented overview which helps the organisation implement risk-management that oversees future risk, as well as any urgent problems that may occur.

In other words, we provide asset optimisation in the form of lower running costs, and increased asset availability and safety, which helps the organisation reach its strategic goals.

We offer a wide range of asset management services like asset management courses or GAP-analysis. We have several trusted partners within prominent international consulting businesses, with whom we often discuss asset management with, in order to deliver the highest quality to our customers.

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